Citizens Arrest Prolific Bike Thief In Aurora, CO

Citizens Arrest Prolific Bike Thief In Aurora, CO


Citizens Arrest Prolific Bike Thief In Aurora, CO


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Denver 7 is reporting that a bike thief believed to have been involved in the theft of over 100 bikes in Aurora, CO was detained by employees of Stanley Marketplace last week.

The thief was apprehended by multiple people and detained until security and police officers arrived at the scene.

Check out the full story from Denver 7 below:

The Aurora Police Department is applauding the actions of the citizens who took down the thief, but I’m a little more cautious in completely celebrating these people…

How did they know this guy didn’t have a weapon? Also, I’ve never been a fan of the whole ‘citizens arrest’ thing. Is it really worth hurting yourself to arrest a guy that’s been stealing bikes?

With that being said, I’m glad that these people were able to catch this guy and that nobody got hurt. I’m sure we’ve all had a bike stolen in our days, and we all know how shitty that feels.

^Credit:Waldemar Brandt on Unsplash 

Here’s the full post from the Aurora Police Department:

It truly takes a village. #Community

APD has been investigating numerous bicycle thefts from the northwest part of the city over the last few months. District 1 Investigations and PAR Officers have been following up on leads but were unable to positively identify the person responsible.

Last Thursday at the Stanley Marketplace, the suspect tried to victimize again. But what he wasn’t expecting was the quick and immediate response of our community. We are thankful for our community members who courageously and safely held the suspect, Alec Jackson, down until our officers could arrive. Alec was arrested for an outstanding warrant and larceny.

Ever since last week, more people have since reported their bikes being stolen but it is also believed that Alec is responsible for over 100 thefts around that area.

If you had your bike stolen from around that area, and did not report it to police, please contact PAR Officer Knox at”

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