Here we go. Are you ready? Are you prepared for another year of tourists at Yellowstone National Park risking their lives to capture up-close pictures of bears, elk, and bison?

Yellowstone is slowly starting to reopen sections of the park as spring weather melts the winter snow, and it seems like the tourists are wasting no time in returning to their dangerous shenanigans.

They’ve awoken from hibernation, and are already parking their cars on the side of the road to snap pictures of a grizzly bear. WARNING- This video will make you cringe with anxiety… 😂

It’s like they walk into Yellowstone and all of their evolutionary instincts about survival immediately dissipate.

I seriously wonder if some people think Yellowstone is a zoo, and not a national park with thousands of wild animals that will kill humans if necessary…

Quick word of advice- DON’T BE LIKE THESE PEOPLE.