Hawaii Celebrated Easter With Snow!

Hawaii Celebrated Easter With Snow!


Hawaii Celebrated Easter With Snow!


Hawaii’s Mauna Kea  towers 13,803′ above sea level making it the second-highest peak of an island on Earth.

The dormant volcano is known to pick up some snow from time-to-time as cold fronts batter Hawaii’s Big Island with rain down below.

Mauna Kea glistened with a white glow this past Easter Sunday as a couple of inches of snow graced the high-altitude peaks.

Pictures from webcams set above 13,000′ captured the beautiful scenery.


Enough snow fell in 2017 for skiing and snowboarding, and the edit from Pono Hirakami on YouTube has me frothing at the mouth.

Skiing on a legit bowl in Hawaii? Are you kidding me?! Everything about it sounds awesome. Do I need to move to Hawaii for a year to make this happen…?! Don’t tempt me.

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