Checking Out the New Evo Campus and Hotel in Salt Lake City

Checking Out the New Evo Campus and Hotel in Salt Lake City


Checking Out the New Evo Campus and Hotel in Salt Lake City

By a month ago, Level Nine Sports moved back into their old location at Granary Campus. They brought their friend, beloved online retailer Evo, with them. Over the past couple of years, construction has been ongoing on a massive campus dedicated to those in the outdoors community. In February,  Evo Campus Salt Lake had its soft opening, with the hotel, Evo Sports, and Level Nine Sports opening up. During my trip out to Utah, I got to stay at the Evo Hotel and check out the new campus.

The complex features two spaces for activities. The first is an indoor/outdoor skate park, which features “flat banks, quarter pipes, a half-pipe, ledges, flat bar and more.” The 26,000 square foot Bouldering Project will open at some point this Spring, and also feature a yoga room and fitness studio. Two retailers currently occupy the space: Level Nine Sports is on the right side of the building, and Evo Sports is on the left. Level Nine Sports specializes in skiing, snowboarding, and mountain biking. Evo Sports’ two-floor store is dedicated to those who love to “ski, snowboard, bike, wake, hike, or climb.” The Evo Sports space also features an art gallery. Both shops feature rental, repairs, and tuning shops for your outdoor gear.  A market hall will also open eventually, and feature various shops. In terms of the hotel, the space features many amenities that you typically don’t see at your average chain hotel. There is a rooftop bar and outdoor space that gives views of the stunning Wasatch Mountains. There is also a coffee shop near the lobby, which had its opening weekend while I was staying there. Then there are all of the additional amenities that were mentioned above.

The hotel features different types of rooms. The Wasatch Room is basically their master suite, with private patios that give views of the mountains. The Rafter rooms are their cheapest option, but it should be noted that they do not have a TV or windows. The Boulder Rooms are located just above the soon-to-be-open Bouldering Gym and are similar to the Wasatch Rooms. Finally, the Bunk Rooms feature a king bed and a bunk bed to fit your whole crew.

The Wasatch Room

The Boulder Room

The Bunk Room

I would recommend sleeping there come summertime, as the bouldering gym is not open yet. When the bouldering gym opens, they will be offering free passes to hotel guests. This is also Evo’s first hotel, and they’re still learning about various aspects of the hospitality business. Even if you don’t stay here though, I recommend checking the campus out.  For people who love the outdoors and sports like skateboarding and bouldering, this is a must-see spot on your next visit to Salt Lake City. Credits: Evo Campus Salt Lake

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