Huge Elk Herd Leaps Across Road (Watch)

Huge Elk Herd Leaps Across Road (Watch)


Huge Elk Herd Leaps Across Road (Watch)


“Yeah, hey boss. I’m trying to make it to work, but uh…there are about 300 elk crossing the road at the moment. Gonna be a little bit.”

“Jim. How many times do I have to tell you? That damn elk herd crosses that road every goddamn morning at the same time. You’re on your last straw pal. I’m serious this time. If you call me again saying you’re late because of an elk herd crossing you’re done.”

“Sorry boss. Day Light Savings got me all goofed up. Definitely probably won’t possibly ever happen again. You have my word. Fingers crossed!*

“Did you really just say “fingers crossed” out loud while making a promise? You are the stupidest employee I’ve ever had. I still can’t believe you’re my son.”

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