Loving this short film about Jamie Kunka aka the last ski maker in Scotland. Based in his cabin in the Scottish Highlands, Jamie crafts sustainable skis out of wood. He began teaching himself how to make his wooden skis after watching a video about a wooden-surfboard maker in Vancouver Island, Canada you can watch HERE. A decade later Jamie joined forces with Wilding Film to pay homage to this original film and to celebrate the power of film to inspire us all. If you’re interested in picking up a pair of these incredible skis please GO HERE:

“Many years ago I was inspired to start this way of life because of a short film about a wooden surfboard maker called Randy Weflen from Canada. When I was approached by the super talented Wilding Film to make a film about LMS, Euan referenced the very same film I had watched those years ago. At that point I knew we had to work together. Our film documents the process of making a ski and captures my philosophy behind why I make them the way I do.” –Jamie Kunka 

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