Frightening footage out of Alaska where a group on a guided sled dog tour led by Snowhook Adventure Guides of Alaska (SAGA) encountered a charging moose.  Thankfully no dogs were injured and the person filming only suffered bruised legs. Find full breakdown of the incident below:

So, here’s what happened.

1. This entire video is 20 seconds, so reaction time is insane.
2. The cam being used is a 360 that was on a stick sitting higher than we where, so you can spot the moose and her calves on it faster than we did.
3. My foot was hung in a rope, so I was having problems getting out of the sled. Then when I stood to go my foot got hung again, and down I went.
4. The owner had just ran the trails on the snowmobile before we left on the dog sleds, shit happens – wildlife is unpredictable.
5. The dogs are all 100% fine and all of them finished the tour happy as could be.
6. I’m fine, just bruised legs thankfully.
7. The guide from the second team that was behind us said he’s ran dogs for 36 years and that was his first experience like that, I said, “welcome to my life” hahaha.
8. We would 100% book with Snowhook Adventure Guides of Alaska again, and we truly did enjoy our experience with the sled team and environment minus this freak episode, lol.
9. We’re laughing now, but I won’t lie that was 100% me screamin’ like a lil’ bitch when I went down.
10. This had nothing to do with the Iditarod.
Edit to add;
I’m not from Alaska, I have no experience with moose or dog sledding – obviously we are aware of wildlife and the possibilities – but you can’t expect me to react properly in a situation I’ve never even been in or prepped for.