Dog Rescued By Sausage Attached to Drone

Dog Rescued By Sausage Attached to Drone


Dog Rescued By Sausage Attached to Drone


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Millie. Images From: Denmead Drone Search & Rescue

It’s only January, but this might be the headline of the year.

CNN is reporting that search and rescue crews in Denmead, England used a cooked sausage, attached to a drone, to lure a dog to safety. Millie, the dog in question, was stuck on a mud flat prone to flooding. Rescuers tried for two days to approach Millie by foot and kayak, but were unsuccessful.

That’s when somebody had the bright idea to lure Millie to safety using a cooked sausage attached to one of the search and rescue drones.

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From CNN:

“One of the guys [called Dave] said, as a last resort, why don’t we try tying a sausage to a drone?

“This was day three, she’d been there on the mud flats for two days,” Dennis told CNN.

“One of the neighbors who lived by the beach came out and said she’d cook them for us. She was under a lot of pressure, she must have felt the world was on her shoulders,” Dennis added. “But these sausages were obviously very tasty.”

The neighbor also provided the string, and the team of volunteers set about tying the cooked sausages to a number of drones, sending them out on rotation.

“The string was tied around the body of the drone and around the sausage to make it dangle around two or three meters — it was very hard to gauge how close you were to the ground but it worked somehow.

“People were walking by and didn’t know what was going on, it was hilarious,” she said.

Millie followed the sausage to safety and was reunited with her owners after three days on the mud flats.

Check out the awesome video below:

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