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Olympic Skier Utilizes “Wim Hof Method” For Cold Exposure Recovery

“I’m not usually a new years resolution type of person but this year I decided I wanted to do 3 minutes of cold exposure every single day this year. I’m committed to keeping my body healthy & happy and I believe this is the secret!” –Maggie Voisin
Whitefish, Montana native and two-time Olympian Maggie Voisin is all about about living a healthy lifestyle to support her athletic pursuits. Whether it be working hard in the gym, eating clean or the rather extreme method of recovery known as cold exposure. Maggie practices the Wim Hof Method utilizing breath work that increases the amount of oxygen in the bloodstream before taking dip like the one below in Whitefish Lake 🥶.She made a New Year’s resolution and committed to three minutes of cold exposure a day for the entire year. Maggie prefers the frigid waters of Whitefish Lake but lately she’s been traveling a ton in the lead up her third Olympics and had to settle for cold showers.  Can’t wait to root on Maggie in Beijing🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸


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