Pissed Off Elk Pops Cocky Driver's Tire

Pissed Off Elk Pops Cocky Driver's Tire


Pissed Off Elk Pops Cocky Driver's Tire


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Oh, man. What a perfect video for this Thursday morning. Dude driving his big pickup truck talks shit to a big ass bull elk, and ends up with his front tire popped. It honestly couldn’t be any better.

You know this dude’s wife gave him the business when they finally made it home. I’m assuming her tirade went something like this:

“Jim. How many goddamn times do I have to tell you?! Your big truck doesn’t make you the king of Montana. You’re just a little man. A little man with the biggest f’in ego of all time. You really had to pick a fight with an elk? An elk?! What’s next?! You gonna drive your small-package-compensating-truck up to a grizzly the next time you see one? Unbelievable. I’m staying with my sister Sherry tonight. Bye.”

Enjoy the video 😂

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