WATCH: Train Tows Truck From Snow Bank

WATCH: Train Tows Truck From Snow Bank


WATCH: Train Tows Truck From Snow Bank


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How do you get your truck out of a tricky situation in the middle-of-nowhere Canada? Apparently, you can always ask the local trail conductor for a hand.

I mean it is Canada. The nicest people on planet earth live up there. Using a full on train to tow out a little truck isn’t a big deal. I’m just laughing imagining somebody in New York asking a train conductor for a tow. My guess is they wouldn’t receive the same helping hand. 😂

Occurred on January 7, 2022 / Bredenbury, Saskatchewan, Canada

The video was taken on Highway 16 at the noted location. Both the truck and train are owned by Canadian Pacific Railway. The truck was stuck on a passable roadway shortly after a large dump of snow in the area. The train happened to be in the right place at the right time and the crew used what was available – a train. It seemed ironic in that the train dwarfed the truck and it was overkill but at the time seemed very Canadian given the situation at hand.”

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