“Tornado touched down around 8 o’clock at night and then for 6 minutes wreaked havoc here. Started on our property here at the ski area and then made its way for about two and a half miles through the Village of Westernville.”Tim Woods, Owner and President of Woods Valley

Tornadoes aren’t typically an issue in the Northeast. But Woods Valley Ski Area saw the worst effects of one last summer, causing significant damage to their base area. According to CNY, the tornado damaged the bottom terminal buildings of their lifts, snowmaking equipment, maintenance facility, lighting equipment, and magic carpet. Here was Tim Woods statement on the extent of the damage:

“It damaged our maintenance facility, the bases of our T-bar lift, our two chair lifts, the bottom terminal buildings were damaged. The critical equipment however was undamaged because of steel frames and very rugged stuff, but the skin that encloses those were damaged and replaced. Our tubing carpet lift had many, many trees down on top of it. We’ve had to replace a bunch of components there.”

This summer, the mountain crew has worked on fixing those damages, and their opening won’t be delayed. A two year-reconstruction of their stunning base lodge is also ongoing and is nearing completion. Unfortunately, due to supply chain issues and rising lumber prices, some of the projects are still ongoing into the season. Woods Valley Ski Area is expected to open for the season on December 11th.

https://i0.wp.com/www.woodsvalleyskiarea.com/images/trail_map_15_large.png?resize=780%2C606&ssl=1Image/Video Credits: Woods Valley, CNY

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