Speed Skier's Ski Explodes Going 120mph

Speed Skier's Ski Explodes Going 120mph


Speed Skier's Ski Explodes Going 120mph


I’m not going to pretend like I know anything about those speed skiing weirdos (I say that affectionately) who dress up in latex and Darth Vader helmets to bomb hills, but surely their skis aren’t designed to explode if they catch a tiny edge, right?

I watched this video over and over again, and I just don’t understand what the hell happened? It looks like he catches the tiniest inside edge with his left ski, and then suddenly the ski’s edge fully digs in and seemingly explodes.

Only explanation I can think of is that their DIN settings are extremely low to avoid injuries. That would make sense why he popped out so easily, but it doesn’t explain what caused his ski to turn into shrapnel… Mysterious.

I also can’t lie. It’s kind of funny watching him slide endlessly down that slope in his slick latex suit.

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