Dying Dog Rescued From Mexico's Tallest Peak

Dying Dog Rescued From Mexico's Tallest Peak


Dying Dog Rescued From Mexico's Tallest Peak


Credit: Layo Aguilar

A group of heroic climbers rescued a starving dog from the steep slopes of Pico de Orizaba (AKA Citlaltépetl), Mexico’s tallest peak. The mountain rises 18,620 feet above sea level making it the third highest peak in North America. The dog, named Canelo, was stranded on the peak for an entire month.

It’s believed that Canelo most likely followed a group of climbers summitting the peak who were giving him food. The trek back down Citlaltépetl was too difficult to bring Canelo back down with them, and therefore he was stuck.

Layo Aguilar partnered with the High Mountain School to rescue Canelo last week! They carried him down in a pack with his head sticking out, and is now recovering with a fellow climber who has become his foster parent.

Aguilar’s Facebook posts are copied below. The translation (using Google Translate) from Spanish to English follows each post.

Such an incredible story, and these climbers are heroes for rescuing little Canelo!

In recent days, several images shared by some mountaineers commented that there was a puppy on the summit of Citlaltepetl, and that they saw him badly, with his red eyes and malnourished
And that because of the difficult and dangerous descent on the mountain they could not help him, in addition to not letting himself be caught, these news went viral on social networks because of the romanticism of the comments. And from a lot of people who asked him to get off.
Many friends tagged me in the posts and more asked me to download it.
Four days ago my friend Pedro Ruiz Guerrero took the Jeep from town to the north and looked for it, but could not find it.
Yesterday we went up the south with the High Mountain School De Club Alpino Mexicano in one of the courses it teaches, and I have the honor of being one of the group of instructors.
On the way up, I asked El Ángel de la Montaña, El Legendario Citla, to intercede, so that I would find him and help me to go down safely.
And so it happened when I arrived with my friends at the surprise summit !! There was El Famoso Canelo, I caressed him and I felt that he responded to the language of a human dog, my friends took out food, and we gave him, he was very hungry, a guide friend from Tlachichuca took out a thermos with water and almost finished it.

As soon as all the students from the School arrived, we won their trust and tied them around the neck with a tubular ribbon. It was ugly at first but it was done and it was until we finished the ceremony of the photos, hydrated and rest a little. There were about thirty mountaineers on the summit, and they were happy when they found out that we were going to lower it, because it had a nail falling off, and they told me that the day before it was bleeding from a little leg, from its bearings.
So we started the descent but it was very ugly. And it was not going to be able to lower it like that, it would be very dangerous. My friend Aaron suggested that we put it in his backpack since it was the largest of all, the others divided their things, and after a lot of work and dodging the bites that he threw at us we could put it in the backpack, and only his head remained coming out.
I was going to carry it to lower it, but my friends Aaron, and Hector Hernandez. They offered to carry it, taking over from what we went down to challenge with the students of the School. Thanks friends from CAM. Without you, I might not have made it.
If we started the difficult descent due to the mountain conditions, in parts crystallized sand, others very hard snow, and down the already very loose snow that made one fall repeatedly.
We got to the shelter without incident and to loading bays for the trucks, it was difficult for us to get it up, but already at the top he lay down and came sleeping.

At home my fear was with the terrible Rocco, but no, Rocco received him very well until he shared his food that Canelo gave it to him. And he just stared at him.
He woke up well and they do not play well but they do not fight. Only Panchito Botas who is not sociable if he wanted to bother him but we put him elsewhere.
I was waiting for so many people who asked him to get off, but no one said anything anymore, only on social networks, but not in fact.
Fortunately days before my friend Fatima del Angel, from Córdoba Veracruz. She had also asked me to lower it, and the day before again she contacted me on the mountain and told me that she is part of an association for the rescue of street dogs, and that she told her friends if necessary, and that All were willing to cooperate so that doctors treat him, feed him well and then give him up for adoption, after a family verification protocol, house conditions, and other adoption requirements so that Canelo remains in good hands and with a family that you give him a lot of love 💘👉😉 and lead a dignified life.
Tomorrow morning Fatima del Angel comes, for him, to be treated immediately. Thanks to all the people who are going to support him …
I repeat my thanks to my friends from CAM. FOR YOUR GREAT SUPPORT !!

“Goodbye Canelo !! You’ll be in good hands….
Never imagine how a puppy in three days loves you so much, to the degree that he didn’t let the terrible Rocco get close to me….
I felt ugly when I said goodbye to him, when I got him on the carrier he got sad and angry, but it’s for his sake and I couldn’t nor should I have it.
A few moments ago today my friend Fatima del Angel came to take Canelo, and the doctor asked what time would he arrive in Cordoba, as well as partners of the foundation.
He will be under medical care and analysis and review of his vision, well fed until he reaches his ideal weight, so he can sterilize, and then apply wl adoption protocol, there are already some applicants.
Phone to apply for adoption. 271 135 1636 Fatima Del Angel .
Thanks to my friends who without your support the rescue wouldn’t have been possible. Aaron Cordova Carbajal, and Hector Hernandez Almoran. students of the CAM.
A happy ending, hopefully and all the puppies in the mountains are lucky enough to be Canelos, and be rescued.
Well in previous days we were told that a puppy from the Iztaccihuatl was found dead on the shore of a road to the summit. He died of hypothermia!!”

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