Bald Eagle Snatches Goose Right Out Of Lake

Bald Eagle Snatches Goose Right Out Of Lake


Bald Eagle Snatches Goose Right Out Of Lake


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*Insert stupid Patriotic sentiment because the video features a Bald Eagle* (okay hopefully that gets all the Red-blooded Americans to share this blog with the other patriots in their lives, because ‘MERICA!’

I’m obviously teasing in the poorly-written paragraph above, and I found this video pretty cool. I feel like bird-watchers get a bad rap, ya know? Why is it that they’re always teased for their hobby? Wouldn’t it be pretty cool to spend an afternoon watching birds, and seeing an awesome display of nature like this bald eagle snatching a goose right out of the water unfold right in front of your eyes?

Hell, it’s better than sitting and scrolling through Tik Tok on your phone for hours watching people do stupid dances to terrible songs for likes.

Excuse me while I go purchase a pair of binoculars online. I think bird watching might have to be a pastime I take up to get away from the bullshit on the internet…

Birdgevity: “Bald Eagle Taking A Canada Goose at Grant Lake We watched a third year Bald Eagle swoop and grab for a Canaga Goose at Grant Lake. The goose dove under the water. The eagle came back around and swooped and grabbed again. Goose dove again. This went on for 8 or so tries until the eagle finally grabbed the goose and flew off with it. Thanks for watching our Eagle video! What other bird videos would you like to see? Let us know. Leave us a comment! Cheers, Bill and Kitty Grant Lake Santa Clara County California October 29, 2019

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