Why Predicting The Weather Was Considered 'Witchcraft' Back In The Day

Why Predicting The Weather Was Considered 'Witchcraft' Back In The Day


Why Predicting The Weather Was Considered 'Witchcraft' Back In The Day


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Imagine a huge mob of people wielding pitchforks and torches storming your local news station to capture the evil sorceress standing in front of a green screen. They want to burn her at the stake for her attempts to predict the future, and won’t take scientific research or ‘data’ as an excuse for her witch-like abilities.

Such was the case even as recently at the mid-19th century. Predicting the weather before modern technology was considered impossible, and even illegal in many places.

YouTube channel Simon Clark does an excellent job explaining the history of how weather prediction evolved from an illegal dark art to commonplace in our societies.

Our friends over at Powderchasers would have been in some serious trouble…

Simon Clark:As it turns out, technology is magic! In the eyes of the law, sometimes very literally. Become a witch yourself with the courses on Brilliant: https://www.brilliant.org/simonclark

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The text of the 1735 Witchcraft Act: https://statutes.org.uk/site/the-stat…

Side note: Helen Duncan, the last woman to be imprisoned under the witchcraft act, was put in prison because authorities were worried she’s spill the beans on the top-secret D-day landings! Which apparently she would know about because of her witchy powers. So much as parliament allegedly didn’t believe in the powers of witches in 1735, there were clearly some people in 1944 who still did! You can support the channel by donating at http://www.patreon.com/simonoxfphys

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Title: Why weathermen were illegal wizards for 97 years In this video I talk about why meteorologists at the UK met office were legally wizards for nearly a century, breaking a two hundred year-old witchcraft law. Along the way we learn about how weathermen may as well be doing magic by using information in a way that was just impossible before the mid nineteenth century. Also, we meet Robert FitzRoy! One of the most important people in the history of weather prediction. This video is in the style of people like Adam Ragusea, LindyBeige, and Legal Eagle.”

I was fascinated at the idea of not being able to wake up every morning and check the weather. I know that sounds super first-worldy of me, but think stop and think about it a moment. We take for granted the fact that we can roughly know the weather weeks in advance.

Thank god that we can though. What would I do with my time if I couldn’t track potential powder-dumping storms on a daily basis throughout the winter?

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