Elk Knocks Man Over Wall Who Got Too Close

Elk Knocks Man Over Wall Who Got Too Close


Elk Knocks Man Over Wall Who Got Too Close


People just really like to get close to elk, don’t they?

I’m not sure if these people just don’t have an ounce of common sense in their body, or are just plain dumb, but it seems like we get a video every week of some bozo nearly getting killed by a bull elk in either Estes Park, CO or Yellowstone National Park.

The video below is of a guy choosing to ignore the fact that a big angry bull elk is protecting his harem from an approaching bull on the other side of the street. He just walks right in front of him, and gets sent toppling over a small wall because of it.


Video taken recorded in Estes Park, CO by Facebook Gaming channel @DelvisPrime:


Video Description: “My name is Eric Burley and I live in Denver Colorado. My wife who is pregnant in her second trimester and also currently going thru chemotherapy treatment fighting breast cancer was having a “good day” on Oct 31st so we decided to go to Estes Park Colorado. While in Estes Park we noticed a heard of Elk relaxing and feeding in the middle of a park area. It was a beautiful site to see up close and personal. I then noticed another male Elk coming towards the heard and thought this isn’t going to be good. The two male elks made eye contact and started showing teeth. That’s when I knew to clear a path between the two and let mother nature take its course. However a person thought it would be wise to walk right in front of one of the Male Elks. This person also didn’t listen to my commands to watch out and that’s when the person got attacked by the elk. The person seemed fine, thankfully but the message here is too respect the space of wildlife and to use common sense.”

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