Image Credits: Instagram- @keswickmrt

The Keswick Mountain Rescue Team in northern England shared an incredible story about a 71-year-old hiker who was rescued by his loyal dogs.

The man was hiking with his two dogs when he reportedly collapsed after suffering a seizure. One of the dogs, a black lab, went chasing after a nearby hiker, and barked continuously to get her attention. The lab led her to his owner where the 2nd dog, a golden retriever was sitting by the owner’s side.

She called for emergency help, and the Keswick Mountain Rescue Team was dispatched to rescue the man. Incredible!

Those meme were people say, “Humans don’t deserve dogs” really seem accurate when you hear a story like this. Those good boys likely saved their owner’s life. What an awesome story, and I hope those doggos get all the boops and treats they want. They deserve them!

Check out the full story below: