Protective Mama Grizzly Charges Car

Protective Mama Grizzly Charges Car


Protective Mama Grizzly Charges Car


This probably isn’t news to most of you, but grizzlies are waaaaaaaay more aggressive than the average black bear you see roaming around.

This guy was apparently taking his son to school and started to slow his truck down when he spotted a mama grizzly and her cubs a fairly safe distance off the road. He then had to speed away as the mama turned towards the truck and started charging at full speed.

I kind of considered my own mom to be a bit over-protective when I was a child, but this mama grizzly is taking that definition to a whole new level. It must have been quite the thrill to slam on the gas to escape a charging grizzly.

“I was taking my son and his friend to school when we saw this momma grizzly and her three cubs crossing the road. I was going to stop and take a picture of the bear, but as I slowed down she started to charge my truck. luckily my son was recording on his phone.”

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