Violent Elk Fight Spills Over Into Oncoming Traffic

Violent Elk Fight Spills Over Into Oncoming Traffic


Violent Elk Fight Spills Over Into Oncoming Traffic


Two bull elk were sparring in Estes Park, CO last month and a car passing by got a little more than just an awesome show.

According to the description, the passenger that was filming this video literally had to duck out of the way because one of the elk’s antlers came crashing through the side mirror and through the open window of the car!

It doesn’t appear that the people did anything wrong. Just caught in the wrong place at the wrong time! Thankfully nobody was injured, including the elk, but damn if this isn’t one of the more wild videos I’ve ever seen.

“Driving through the town of Estes park and these two male elk were fighting off to the side. One elk dominates the other and forces him into the street, taking out our side mirror on our car. I had to duck away because an antler swung into my open window and almost caught my face! Everyone including the elk are fine.”

We normally see idiots trying to get really close to elk during the rut and they end up getting charged or worse. These people seem to be just driving through a neighborhood and got some collateral damage to their vehicle.

I’m sure that’s going to be a fun insurance claim to fill out. Thankfully they have video evidence… I guess. 😂

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