The Dude That Hikes With a Speaker 🙄

The Dude That Hikes With a Speaker 🙄


The Dude That Hikes With a Speaker 🙄


Have you ever been just casually hiking along a beautiful trail enjoying the scenery when you’re interrupted by some d-bag blasting his favorite EDM tune from a Bluetooth speaker strapped to his backpack? I think we probably all have, and we all know that that guy is the worst person on the trail.

Same thing goes for people who blast music while skiing or snowboarding. Like bro, we get it that you have a sick taste in music, but we really don’t want to hear it. They make these pretty cool thing called headphones… ever heard of them?

I’m guessing these people have to blast music because they’re afraid of confronting their own thoughts while in nature, but surely we don’t have to suffer for their ineptitude, right?

These are the worst kind of people in the world, and there’s nothing you can say to change my mind.

Video uploaded by Chase Mountains-YouTube.

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