WATCH: Sam Kuch Goes Cliff To Chute

WATCH: Sam Kuch Goes Cliff To Chute


WATCH: Sam Kuch Goes Cliff To Chute


Is Sam Kuch the best skier in the world? I asked the question last season, and I got a lot of feedback suggesting that he just might be.

I know ‘Best Skier In The World’ is an objective title that could never actually be decided, but Sam Kuch has certainly made his case that he belongs in the conversation.

His comfort riding big lines, unique style, and hard-charging speeds set him in the upper echelon of freeskiers across the globe. On a personal note, I’ve recently changed my go-to answer for the cliché ice-breaker question “Who is one person you would want to have dinner with dead or alive?” to Sam Kuch (after a full-day of skiing with him).

Now watch Sam send a cliff directly into a chute and ski away like he’s taking a lap down the bunny hill. Like a top-level skier such as himself casually does.

Vide uploaded by: Nigel Ziegler

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