Grizzly Bears Viciously Fight Over Female

Grizzly Bears Viciously Fight Over Female


Grizzly Bears Viciously Fight Over Female


What happened to our species that we don’t have males openly fighting for females in the streets? Well, I guess that does still happen on some rare occasions, and I’m totally kidding that I wish we still practiced that primal ritual of finding a mate.

I just mean that we look like a bunch of wussies compared to two 1,000 pound grizzlys duking it out in a brutal wrestling match over a female. Instead we have guys competing for ladies attention by taking the perfect’ selfie for Instagram, getting judged for how long it takes them to respond to a text message, and being evaluated on their ‘BDE’.

I don’t want the human species to revert back to physical altercations over women, but maybe we could do without the social media/digital bullshit that’s being ingrained into society? Maybe? I know this blog isn’t going to do shit to change that, but you gotta start somewhere right?

Also, apologies that this video was clearly edited using some kind of wacky stabilization software from yesteryear. People weren’t rocking GoPros with Hypersmooth 126.0 back in 2012…

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