Can you imagine spotting your favorite skier or snowboarder just casually cruising down the mountain? What do you do? Do you follow them and try to keep up? Do you give them space?

I honestly don’t know what I would do if I ran into somebody of Travis Rice’s caliber just taking a lap down the mountain, but I appreciate how this guy recording was respectful of T Rice’s space and didn’t over burden him or annoy him.

Also love that T Rice was willing to chat him up a little bit. I’m sure this interaction made this guy’s life, and it’s sick that he has the GoPro footy to prove that it happened.

Here’s the video’s caption for context:

“was able to catch up with Travis Rice at Jackson Hole down to the tram after he smashed his first sick drop into Corbet’s Couloir at the 2019 King and Queen’s of Corbet’s”

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