Wakesurfing is taking the watersports world by storm, and it feels like I see more and more people out trying the sport every year. I got on my first wakesurf board four summers ago, and I honestly haven’t had a desire to waterski or even wakeboard since.

There’s something about the feeling of finding the spot where the wave propels you and you’re able to drop the rope. It’s like surfing an endless wave. Now, I’m not throwing shuvits, or even 360s, but I know my way around a good carve or two.

That’s why my mind nearly exploded watching this video of Jake Akerman landing a sick shuv transfer from one side of the wake to other like it was no big deal. I really can’t fathom how this is possible, and I’m still trying to figure out how in the hell he got so much pop off the lip.

Well done Jake, well done.

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