VIDEO: Mountain Lion Strolls Across Steamboat Spring Porch

VIDEO: Mountain Lion Strolls Across Steamboat Spring Porch


VIDEO: Mountain Lion Strolls Across Steamboat Spring Porch


“I was excited to see it because I had no idea there were resident mountain lions in Steamboat Springs. I think everyone in Steamboat should know that there are mountain lions prowling our neighborhoods.” –Dan Miller 

Steamboat Springs resident Dan Miller usually scrolls through the recorded video on his Ring security camera at least twice a week. The Steamboat Pilot reports he normally sees the mundane daily activities of mail carriers, skunks and porcupines but when he was clearing his videos last week he stumbled upon something a bit more interesting…a large mountain lion leisurely strolling across his front porch on Meadow Lane in Steamboat Springs’ mountain area.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife Area Manager Kris Middledorf estimated there are about 4,000 mountain lions in Colorado but human interaction with the reclusive animals is rare and humans being attacked by a lion is even more rare. Even with the scarcity of interactions, Middledorf encourages folks to always be aware of their surroundings when enjoying the outdoors, keep kids close, listen to what’s going on around them and keep pets on a leash.

If humans spot a mountain lion the most important thing is not to run away, as that can spook the animal. People should make themselves look large, throw objects at the lion and back away slowly, facing the lion without making eye contact. While attacks are incredibly rare, if a person is attacked, they should fight back as hard as they can. Bear spray also works as a general deterrent for all wildlife.

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