47-Year-Old Kayaker Sends "Demshitz" Waterfall Drop

47-Year-Old Kayaker Sends "Demshitz" Waterfall Drop


47-Year-Old Kayaker Sends "Demshitz" Waterfall Drop


Kayaker David Hughes went balls to the wall on his 47th birthday by sending the legendary “Demshitz” drop on the Rio Nevados in Chile. The drop is named after the “Demshitz” kayaking crew that completed the first descent of this waterfall over a decade ago.

Really cool how the video’s creator overlapped Hughes narrating the plan for his line with the footage of him actually doing it. By the looks of it, he absolutely laced it.

What do you do celebrate successfully dropping a 100′ waterfall in a kayak as an almost 50 year old? He probably gets to brag to all of his high school buddies who take Dad naps on Sundays watching golf in their armchairs.


The art turning on straight skis is all but lost these days. We all have ludicrous side cuts, rocker, camber, and a variety of materials (…)

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