Just 21st Century Things- Kayak Skydiving

Just 21st Century Things- Kayak Skydiving


Just 21st Century Things- Kayak Skydiving


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I’m reminded every once in a while how bizarre it is to live in the 21st century. Not because of crippling climate change, political discord, or fear of international thermonuclear warfare, but because of the crazy stupid shit that humans have the time to do nowadays.

It really wasn’t that long ago that the majority of Americans were working their asses off in fields, or breaking their backs working in industrial businesses like coal mining or steel production. So, what happened over the last 100 years?

The internet happened. Don’t forget that invention you’re using to read this blog is the source of income for a bunch of wackos (including myself) to do dumb shit that wouldn’t have been possible even 50 years ago.

Can you imagine a farm owner’s son in 1940 telling his dad he wanted to try to make a living being a professional daredevil?

“Paw. I think I can make a real honest wage jumping out of airplanes. I could even try jumping out in an old canoe or with a plank of wood strapped to my feet.” 

Yeah, never in a million years would that happen.

Well, except that it’s happening right now and these dudes are sponsored athletes by a highly caffeinated drink from Austria that uses their wacky ideas to make billions across the globe. What a time to be alive.

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