Jeff The "Hot Cop" Chases Bear At Telluride Base Area

Jeff The "Hot Cop" Chases Bear At Telluride Base Area


Jeff The "Hot Cop" Chases Bear At Telluride Base Area


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I had to read the video description to get some context for this video and I still have tons of questions. I’ll summarize to get you up to speed.

Some people eating outside at The Oak in Telluride witnessed a police officer chasing a bear into the woods near the base of the Oak Street Lift. The woman recording catches a glimpse of the police officer and immediately asks out loud, “Oh my god, is that Jeff? The hot cop?”.

Let me show you the video and then I can begin to unpack the variety of questions I have…

“I was sitting at the Oak in telluride having a drink and everyone’s dogs started barking and people were grabbing their kids. Then we saw the bear run through town across the street and head towards the river trail next to chairlift 8 (oak st lift) . followed by Jeff the notoriously hot marshal in telluride. I asked him after he came back from chasing the bear if he ended up using the taser and he said no, he just chased the bear off into the woods.” 

Okay first thing. Telluride apparently has a notoriously hot cop that everybody knows about? That’s news to me.

Is it also Jeff’s responsibility to chase bears into the woods that wander into public spaces? Seems like there’s a better way of keeping bears away than sending the ‘hot cop’ to chase after them and hope for the best.

Mountain towns and mountain people are so weird, and I love them for it. Wouldn’t have it any other way… 😆

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