Tokyo Olympics Surf Spot Preview

Tokyo Olympics Surf Spot Preview


Tokyo Olympics Surf Spot Preview


Tsurigasaki Surfing Beach

Tsurigasaki Surfing Beach. Credit: Tokyo Olympics

The 2020 Olympic Games start with a highly-anticipated opening ceremony this Friday, and surfing is set to make its Olympic debut with the competition starting on Sunday, 7/25.

The surfing competition will be held at Tsurigasaki Beach located in the town of Ichinomiya on the southern end of Chiba’s Kujukuri coast, which is only about a 90 minute drive from Tokyo’s Olympic Village.

Pretty neat that a world-class surfing venue is within reach of the world’s largest metropolitan area.

Tsurigasaki Beach is a famous surf spot in Japan for it’s consistent high-quality waves, and for churning out world-class surfers.

Notables include Hiroto Ohhara, the first Japanese surfer to win a U.S. Open; Reo Inaba who is currently competing internationally; and Tenshi Iwami, the first Japanese national to win a US Championship in the U-10 class.

The beach is visited by 600,000 tourists annually, and has hosted numerous national and international competitions including numerous World Surf League events.

Ichinomiya: The Surfing Town Selected as the Venue <br/>for the Olympic  Games Tokyo 2020! | Visit Chiba

Courtesy: Visit Chiba

“The locals know this surf spot as “Shidashita” (pronounced shee-dah-shee-tah), which according to legend is a play on words using the name of a family who operated a beach house which sat above the beach some sixty years ago.”- Visit Chiba

Take a look at the video below of some great conditions at Tsurigasaki Beach. Let’s hope that mother-nature delivers for surfing’s big debut on the international stage!

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