Gondola Works, the advocacy group supporting the construction of a massive gondola up Utah’s Little Cottonwood Canyon, just released a concept video of the guest experience should the LCC Gondola be constructed.

The ride from the station at the base of the canyon will take 31 minutes to reach Snowbird, and 37 minutes to reach Alta. Gondola cars will seat 32 people each, and will feature heated seats and WiFi.

I can’t lie. After watching this video, I’m completely onboard with the gondola proposal for LCC. The fact that the ride up the canyon will essentially take the same amount of time as riding a car alone is worth it to me.

Add the fact that you get a worry-free ride that is avalanche-prone, and I think we have ourselves a winner. Something has to be done about the congestion in LCC, and a gondola appears to be the best long-term solution.

What do you think Utah should do about this issue?

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