Pian Munè - Paesana Ski Resort - Resort and ski area overview
Pian Mune where the incident occurred

Are you a ‘BAR DOWN’ kind of guy or gal? You might not want to watch this video…

A skier was surprised to find the restraint bar on his chairlift at an Italian ski resort had snapped when he was heading up the mountain back in 2017.

Quick, somebody tell him that dozens of ski areas/resorts across America don’t even have restraint bars on their chairlifts.

He’ll probably really freak out. 😆

Video description translated from Italian: “At Pian Munè they worked hard to revive the area, they deserve applause, unfortunately, however, the chairlift is not so safe …. I reported it and I hope they will change the rusty restraint bars as soon as possible. soon as possible!”

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