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SUP Kentucky is a stand up paddle board and kayak rental/guide service in Rogers, KY that offers one-of-kind tours of an abandoned limestone mine by the glow of colorful LEDs.

This experience could be the ultimate trip fest if you were under the influence of certain substances (we DO NOT recommend going to this place on drugs), just saying…

You can venture through the mine by paddleboard or clear kayaks depending on your preference.

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Tours cost $75 for adults, and $25 for children.

Why don’t more places do cool things like this? I want to ski down a slope lit up like a cosmic bowling lane, or go hiking on a trail only lit by strobe lights, or what about surfing on waves lit by bioluminescent algae?

The possibilities for combining adventure sports with neon LEDs and other forms of fluorescent lights are endless if you think about it…

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