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Snowbird Ski Thief Identified, $11K of Stolen Skis Returned To Victims

Excellent news to report out of Snowbird where a serial ski thief has been identified and 15 pairs of skis valued between $11,000 and $13,000 have been recovered and are in the process of getting returned to their rightful owners.

FOX13 reports the thefts occurred over the span of four months from the resort beginning in November, 2020. According to Snowbird and Unified Police, after the initial rash of thefts in the area public safety started looking for leads. Eventually the man appeared on surveillance video and the team tracked him for an additional few weeks.

“Our department worked tirelessly, weekend after weekend after weekend trying to get this individual and then with the help of our parking staff I mean it just came together perfectly, couldn’t have come together any better.” –Robert Canard, Snowbird’s Public Safety Investigator & Compliance Officer

Resort parking staff noticed the man’s vehicle and unique clothing. Canard was able to catch up to the suspect and ask him some questions before turning over his evidence. The 26-year-old who lives in Cottonwood Heights will likely face charges:

“This is phenomenal, this never happens. Once that when we went into his garage, he told us that he never wanted to sell them, he was afraid he was going to get caught and he never wanted to use them, he just felt compelled to steal them.”

The skis were booked into evidence and released to their rightful owners this week. Some of the skis belonged to travelers from as far as New York or California. Snowbird said that they will cover the costs to ship the skis back to their owners. Stoked this sleazeball got busted and the victims are getting their gear back. Stealing skis is such a grimy lowdown thing to do.

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