This Ice Skateboard Actually Works?!

This Ice Skateboard Actually Works?!


This Ice Skateboard Actually Works?!


What do you do when you’re a skater who lives in a mountain town who can’t shred the pavement because it’s littered with salt, ice, and snow for 8 months out of the year?

You ride a board with ice skates, obviously.

YouTube channel Shred Boise uploaded a video of him cruising around a frozen pond in Boise, ID on his ice-skate board, and it looks fairly functional!

Just don’t try any kickflips without getting chainmail leg protection… That could get bad pretty fast.

Shred Boise – Ice skateboarding at Ann Morrison Park in Boise, Idaho. I have had these ice skateboard blades for about 20 years. Ice skateboarding is fun! No, I don’t know where you can get a set. I don’t think anyone makes these any more.”


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