Alta Lifties Start Petition To Prevent Trail Alterations

Alta Lifties Start Petition To Prevent Trail Alterations


Alta Lifties Start Petition To Prevent Trail Alterations


^Location of Nina’s Curve and Schuss Gully

Alta Ski Area is planning to merge runs Nina’s Curve and Schuss Gully into one run.

Merging the trails would require removal of trees and would lead to unnatural slope grading, according to a petition started by Alta Ski Area lifties.

The group runs an Instagram account (@altaliftcrew) and are urging skiers to sign a petition to preserve the trails.

Here’s an excerpt copied from the petition that you can read here.

Our goal is to preserve Alta as the mountain we all love! excessive terrain shaping and change is unnatural and not a proper or respectful way to enjoy our mountains.

Alta Ski Area has proposed and is planning on grading and merging the Nina’s Curve and Schuss Gully into one more gradual slope and wider run. This will also include removing trees. This change will falsely invite more beginner skiers onto this area of more advanced terrain and therefore more advanced skiing increasing the chance for accidents and collisions. Alta Ski Area already had dedicated areas for beginner skiing and this addition will not be beneficial.

In addition, changing terrain is disrespectful to the mountain we love and the skiers that love this area. Alta is effectively removing fun and playful terrain from the amazing group of local skiers. We push to stop all changes to terrain in this area.

Help us save Nina’s Curve and Schuss Gully!

Sounds like a silly change to me. I understand that slope grading is necessary from time-to-time, but I don’t understand the benefit of merging these two trails together.

Plus, do beginners really go to Alta anyways? I guess they might be trying to expand their market, but I feel like a lot of work on Alta’s image needs to be done before they need to worry about altering their trails…

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