New Film Titled 'Cocaine Bear' Is Based On A True Story

New Film Titled 'Cocaine Bear' Is Based On A True Story


New Film Titled 'Cocaine Bear' Is Based On A True Story


Elizabeth Banks (@ElizabethBanks) | Twitter

Elizabeth Banks is set to direct a new film based on true events titled, ‘Cocaine Bear’ (yes, that’s really the working name of the title, according to Rolling Stone.)

To summarize- a drug smuggler jumped out of his plane but died because his parachute didn’t deploy, and a 175-pound bear died of an overdose by attempting to eat 70 pounds of cocaine that fell from the plane into the woods.

Wow. Quite the wild story, huh?

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^The bear is stuffed and on display at the Kentucky Fun Mall.

The potential for this film is tremendous, and I can’t help but theorize on how some classic Hollywood tropes could be used to enhance this story.

  1. Give the bear a fitting name for his habit- Chad? Brad? Xander? Trey?
  2. Give the bear a typical Hollywood-style ‘trip’ scene that’s nothing like the effects of the actual drug.
  3. Have the pilot say, “I’m just gonna send it.” as he jumps out of the airplane.
  4. Depict Appalachia as poor, desolate, and uneducated. (I know this depiction of Appalachia isn’t accurate, but you can’t deny that it’s exactly how they’ll do it.)

Well, I know I can’t wait for this movie to come out. The title alone is intriguing enough.

Featured Image Credit: Joe Rodriguez, Rolling Stone

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