Backcountry XC Skiing Looks *Surprisingly* Fun

Backcountry XC Skiing Looks *Surprisingly* Fun

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Backcountry XC Skiing Looks *Surprisingly* Fun


Now I’m no cross-country skiing expert, but you can just tell these guys are good.  Being a 6 foot 1″ guy in spandex, a skull cap, rad Oakley sunglasses, and 0% body fat is a dead giveaway to a XC nut.

Backcountry xc skiing is definitely not meant for everyone, so let’s watch these guys shred some perfect XC snow conditions in Alaska instead.

YT Channel Eric Parker: “With the right conditions, xc skiing can be the best way into the backcountry! My goal is to show what’s possible with nordic skiing, and maybe redefine how people perceive it. If you like the video, share it! Let me know what you think in the comments below!

Video shot entirely in Alaska, over the course of 5 outings in late April and early May 2016. The specific locations were in the Talkeetna Mountains near Hatcher Pass, and in the Alaska Range off of the Denali Highway in the Amphitheater Mountains. Each day we were out for about three hours and covered on average 40km per day with a minimum 1000m vertical.”

Hand up. I had no idea you can make legitimate carves and turns in fresh snow on XC skis. Looks like these guys are cooler than I thought.

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