Name That Trail Map! #2

Name That Trail Map! #2


Name That Trail Map! #2


Can you name these North American ski resort’s by just their trail map?

Obvious indicators have been obscured to make it a little more challenging. Clues are provided for each map as well- good luck.

The answer key is located at the bottom- don’t cheat!

Map #1: Quartz, Amethyst, Calcite, etc.

Map #2: Western Austria… In Wisconsin?

Map #3: Former VP Candidate

Map #4: It’s a bird, it’s a plane!

Map #5: Halibut

Map #6: Save a horse, ride a cowboy

Map #7: Prickly, but full of powder

Map #8: In between heaven and hell.

Map #9: Not hell.

Map #10: Rhymes with Voodoo

Answer Key: Crystal Mountain, Tyrol Basin, Gore Mountain, Eagle Point, Whitefish, Saddleback, The Porkies, Purgatory, Heavenly, Hoodoo

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