West Virginia was one of the few states without a National Park, but that is expected to change after the COVID-19 relief bill passed in Congress last week.

The bill included making The New River Gorge area the nation’s newest national park.

The park is highlighted by the absolutely massive New River Gorge Bridge that spans 3,031 feet, and 876 feet above the New River. The area is extremely popular amongst rock climbers, rafters, and hikers.

New River Gorge Bridge – Fayetteville, West Virginia - Atlas Obscura
Courtesy: Mark Doliner

Additional funding with National Park status will surely create more opportunities for outdoor recreation in this area of ‘Wild and Wonderful, West Virginia.’

The New River Gorge Bridge is also home to one of the best BASE jumping events in the world. Dubbed ‘Bridge Day’, the bridge shuts down two lanes of traffic to allow BASE jumpers to plunge over 800′ to the river below. Check out these videos, looks like quite the scene.

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