Avalanche Smashes New York Ski Lodge

Avalanche Smashes New York Ski Lodge


Avalanche Smashes New York Ski Lodge


An avalanche on Christmas Day ripped into Belleayre Mountain’s Overlook Lodge in the Catskills. The slide occurred during a rain event that dropped 6.5″ of rain on the hill.

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Dear Belleayre Friends and Family,

After a tremendous amount of rain and high winds, which has severely impacted our ability to operate in the current environment, The Christmas storm has dumped over 6.5 inches of rain on Belleayre.

This morning, supersaturated snow from the Yahoo trail let loose and slid into the Overlook Lodge. The lodge sustained significant damage, with windows and doors broken. No injuries have been reported.

The mountain will remain closed for the 26th of December as we are unable to provide a safe environment for our guests. The operations team is working diligently to manage the current situation and help the mountain recover quickly as we head into the rest of the holiday week.

For those of you that had tickets for the 26th, please complete the Customer Service form and we will get back to you with regards to your purchases as soon as possible. As we continue to adjust resort operations, we will continue to prioritize the safety of our guests and our staff. Moving forward we are encouraging our guests to please check back on our website with regards to any pertinent updates!

The mountain is currently planning to reopen on Sunday the 27th.

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