10 Questions Skiers Ask Themselves Before Their First Run

10 Questions Skiers Ask Themselves Before Their First Run


10 Questions Skiers Ask Themselves Before Their First Run


Have you ever realized how much thought and planning goes into skiing nowadays? We have to decide on gear, check out the snow/trail report, and we usually end up worrying about a bunch of other meaningless shit.

Remember when guys, and gals, in the 1950s showed-up with wool sweaters, leather boots, and 8′ long wooden planks? Times were simpler…

Here are 10 questions you probably ask yourself prior to that first run of the day.

Which lens should I wear? Reflective or transparent?

The 8 Best Ski Goggles of 2020

Bro, we all know you are going to rock the reflective lenses unless it’s so socked in that you can’t see your skis in front of you. Hell, you’ll probably still wear them!

Are my skis wide enough?

80s-RENEGADE — Dynastar Skis 80s Ski Wear | Vintage ski, Vintage ski posters, Apres ski party


Are my skis too wide?

Anyone got Liberty Mutant skis?: Latest, snowHeads ski forum


Should I rock the matching jacket + bib combo or no?

Helly Hansen Elevation Shell Jacket Winter Aqua 2017 -40% at Ekosport

Yes, we see you dripping head-to-toe in Helly Hansen swag. Yes, we are judging you, and yes, we are also jealous.

Is today GoPro-worthy?

Maybe this will help you answer this question- Are there 5 million shaky, out-of-focus GoPro videos of people skiing groomers uploaded to Youtube everyday? Just get that footy and have fun.

What if I can’t remember how to ski?

23 Things That Skiers Really Hate About Skiing - Mpora

We’ve all had this moment. It usually happens on the first run of the season. You’ll never experience panic quite like it.

I wonder if it snowed more at the summit?

Pray GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Dude, it said it only snowed 2″ on the resort’s website…bummer. But it DEFINITELY snowed at least 6″+ at the top! I prayed for it all last night!

Did I remember my boots?

Little Cottonwood Canyon – Hurry Up & Wait : Andrew McLean | StraightChuter.com

Too late now. You’re already piled up bumper-to-bumper on the access road. Better hope past-you didn’t pull a bonehead move.

Why does everybody else in this lift line have cooler top-sheets than me?

The Hunt for Vail's Mega Lift Line: Will The Holiday Weekend Bring It Back? | Colorado Public Radio

“Dude those skis are sick!” (Every guy who sees a cool top-sheet but doesn’t know anything about the skis performance.)

Why don’t I do this every day?

Savoring the New Summit at Snowbird - Ski Utah

That’s a good question. You should do this every day. 

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