After COVID Spoiled Filming These Dudes Finished Ski Movie With "Claymation"

After COVID Spoiled Filming These Dudes Finished Ski Movie With "Claymation"


After COVID Spoiled Filming These Dudes Finished Ski Movie With "Claymation"


When COVID shutdown filming for their latest project, the dudes at the Legs Of Steel got creative and busted out the modeling clay to fill in they shots they needed to complete the movie. They say sometimes limitation is the best catalyst for creativity and in this case I couldn’t agree more. Enjoy:

‘Action Men’ is a 12 Minute skiing short, brought to you by the Legs Of Steel. Featuring former Freeride World Tour Champion Markus Eder and British backcountry ace Paddy Graham the latest creation by the legendary LOS crew delivers spot on freeride action by one of the tightest crews in skiing. Press play and get hyped for winter!

For Markus Eder, Paddy Graham and their Legs of Steel crew, skiing powder is the dream. Aside from big airs, big lines and big style, this team of shredders is also out for big laughs! In their newest short film ‘Action Men’, Markus, Paddy and friends look back at an epic road trip during the deep winter of 2020. Since this tightly knit gang were living in such close quarters on the road, they were able to give opinions on one another in this previously unseen take on a ski film.

‘Unseen’, because Action Men is accompanied by the unique stop motion clay animations of British artist Johno Verity.The clay puppets were added after lockdown ended the season a lot earlier than expected, leaving the Legs of Steel crew with some great action footage but no lifestyle shots to tie them together. The result: a light-hearted ski flick. “We don’t take ourselves too seriously and have fun while we’re out skiing. I hope this is reflected in the film”, says Paddy Graham.

Featuring athletes: Markus Eder (ITA), Finn Bilous (NZL), Tom Ritsch (AUT), Paddy Graham (UK), Ahmet Dadali (US), Fabio Studer (AUT)


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