FREE SOLO/ĐEEP WATER....Psicobloc Climbing in Vietnam

FREE SOLO/ĐEEP WATER....Psicobloc Climbing in Vietnam


FREE SOLO/ĐEEP WATER....Psicobloc Climbing in Vietnam


Psicobloc: Deep-water solo climbing that relies solely upon the presence of water at the base of a climb to protect against injury from falls from the generally high-difficulty routes.

Excellent little film capturing the mentor/mentee relationship of a psicobloc climbing pioneer in Vietnam and a highly skilled young climber. A bit more relaxing to watch than other climbing videos that don’t use ropes. Even if you don’t climb, just exploring Ha Long Bay looks incredible🇻🇳

“Deep Water” is a captivating exploration of fear, mentorship, and deep water soloing in panoramic Ha Long Bay, Vietnam with psicobloc pioneer Tim Emmett and competition climber Kyra Condie. Watch as Kyra learns from the master, tackles the fear of climbing high above the water, and then succeeds on one of the hardest deep water solos in Vietnam, The “Lightning Crack” graded 5.13.

Ha Long Bay, Vietnam is a scenic climbing venue with over 3000 limestone formations dotting the ocean bay. Tim Emmett helped put “psicobloc” climbing on the map in Vietnam in the early 2000’s and has returned again to pass the torch to Kyra Condie, an aspiring and versatile climber with deep roots in competition and bouldering.



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