Get it while its hot because this seminal 2007 snowboard film by Absinthe is only streaming for the next 7 days. Great flick front to back but have a special place in my heart for Mikey Leblanc’s sledding section. Mint:

“In the first winter to show the undeniable effects of global warming, Absinthe Films has explored the effects of a changing planet. For those who live to snowboard, these changes can be perceived as impossible challenges or creative opportunities. Absinthe reconfirms it’s ability to find the best conditions when the rest have given up or resigned themselves to the park. Following fifteen individuals through their interpretation of this winter, Absinthe forges another unforgettable snowboard film with it’s newest release. Optimistic?”

Starring: Marc Frank Montoya, Romain de Marchi, Danny Davis, Wolle Nyvelt, Justin Bennee, Marco Feichtner, Jules Raymond, Matt Beardmore, Nicolas Müller, Kurt Wastell, Hans Ahlund, Mikey Leblanc, Nicolas Droz, Sylvain Bourbousson, Gigi Rüf, Erik Christensen, Phil Damianakes, Annie Boulanger.

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