Remote Resort Profiles: Stafdalur, Iceland

Remote Resort Profiles: Stafdalur, Iceland


Remote Resort Profiles: Stafdalur, Iceland


Most people think of heli skiing when it comes to Iceland, but you might be interested to know there are actually quite a few ski areas with mechanical lifts. Including Stafdalur.

Ski Area Trail Map

Let’s take a look at some stats to see what we’re working with at Stafdalur.

Peak Elevation: 800m

Base Elevation: 450m

Vertical Drop: 350m (~1,150 ft.)

Number of Lifts: 3 (all surface lifts)

Total Length of Slopes: 5km


It seems like a respectably sized resort. Something I found interesting is that the resort is only open for around 3 hours of daylight during the winter months. This is of course due to Iceland’s geographical position, which does not provide for much sunlight between November and April.

The pictures remind me of snowfields you can find in New Zealand and Australia. No trees in sight, but plenty of snowy terrain to explore.


Why do I do this to myself? I make these posts to learn more about skiing across the world, but I end up just feeling sad that I can’t visit these places, like, right this instance.

My bucket list of ski resorts now includes visiting South Africa, Lebanon, India, Greenland, Mongolia, and god knows where else once I’m done with this series. Thanks Unofficial… My bank account is not happy with you.

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