Our personal favorite...
Our personal favorite…

[All photos courtesy of Robin Edds//Buzzfeed]

There’s a lot of water between us and Europe and while we’re so alike in many ways, were also very different in others. However, one thing we hold in common is our shameful knowledge of each other’s relevant geographies.

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To prove that point, BuzzFeed had Brits label a Map of the US and in turn had Americans label a map of Europe. Needless to say, the results are abhorrent. But before you judge, be sure to take the quiz and check yourself.

Test Your Geography Knowledge: 

Brits Vs. The United States

Stephen King Country:

Map US 2

Florida AKA Disney Land:

Map US 3

Canada, the land of Nickelback:

Map US 4

Not a clue:

Map US 6  God knows: Map US 9


Map US 10

Further South Dakota:


Two States, One Country:

Map US

The United States Vs. Europe

I’am very sorry. You are all great:

Europe Map

Africa is not a country:

Europe Map 2

Masters Student: 

Europe Map 3

Hot blonde country:

Europe Map 4


Europe Map 5

‘Merica minded:

Europe Map 6

Eastern Europe gets the shaft: Europe Map 8

Student loans: Europe Map 10

Dracula was here:

Europe Map 11

Damn commies:

Europe Map 12

Age of Empires II: Europe Map 14

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