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Skydiver Knocked Unconscious In Mid-Air Collision Saved By Friend

“A femur would not have connected with my head at 200 plus mph if we had used the 6’ rule during this jump.”

Absolutely terrifying video from skydiver Ben Pigeon who was knocked unconscious in a mid-air collision during a 2014 jump and saved by a buddy who pulled his ripcord while he was out. Watch the video and then read his commentary:

I am posting this because I am bored, but also to promote the 6 foot rule. If we had used the 6’ rule during this jump. A femur would not have connected with my head at 200 plus mph. But then again, following the 6 foot rule, a fellow jumper would not have been allowed to pull my chute when I was knocked unconscious at 10,000 feet.

Side note: For nonskydivers, finding the drop zone can be difficult. Especially at this dz because it is all farmland, and it all looks the same. You have to identify roads to figure out where you are.

I was so concussed that lost 3 days of memory. How I found the drop zone is beyond me. I could have dropped into power lines or the highway. Not only did I find it. I flew a perfect student pattern, but did not have the strength to flare (meaning the landing hurt also).

I was so out of it. When first asked if I was ok, I said ‘what do you mean I just got out of my tent,’ and then pointed to my parachute.

I am not saying Jesus took the toggles, but someone looked after me that day.

The skydiver that hit me did not receive any injuries, and was able to go back to work at iFLY the next day. 👍

6 foot rule is a joke about social separation in America due to the corona virus. Nothing to do with skydiving.

July 2014.


This is the second pov of my homie luis’s go pro.

When he saw me passed out. He debated deploying his main, and cutting it away to get to my attitude. (he happened to be pretty far away) Then relaying on his reserve to land. Which would have pretty much made him James Bond.

If you know luis, from the ‘good old days of skydive dallas,’ then you know how fun of a place/time it was and how much of a stand up guy luis is. (besides the fact he forgets to turn off his go pro)


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