5 Phrases To Prove Your Bro'dom

5 Phrases To Prove Your Bro'dom


5 Phrases To Prove Your Bro'dom


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By Abbott Gilbane

Let the bros know you’re ready to shred by dropping these bro’ed out phrases on the chairlift.

5) “Dude is a total Ledge.”

Hockey players have been using the abbreviation “Ledge” for legend for a full year but it didn’t really catch on in ski towns until the end of last ski season. Basically, it’s a comical way to show respect for other skiers that shows who your idols are– other skiers.

Example: “Chuck drank a case of Rain-dogs last night and hit Goal Post on his first run this morning. Dude is a total ledge.”

4) “That’s so Niche.”

This one has been hot on the slopes for a while now. However, it’s not too late to hop on the Niche train. Don’t be confused by the Merriam-Webster definition; niche pretty much just means bad, and it’s a great way to write something off.

Example: “Ah, whatever bro, the Teton Lift is totally niche.”

3) “Veggie belay”

Let ‘em know things got seriously gnarly out there and you had to use a “veggie belay.” You know, because you’re a beater, and beaters don’t use ropes.

Example: “Dude, the entrance to Spine Breaker is not filled in yet. I had to use a baby spruce tree as a veggie belay to get in there.”

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2) “Milkbird”

Bluebird is so 1980’s, 90’s, and 00’s. I’d say it’s high time to identify the cloudy days.

Example: “I got my Ray Charles on out there, bro. Just skiing by brail. It was totally Milkbird, classic Targhee. But, the snow was money. We were ripping GS turns.”

1) “Pickle-Dicked it!”

The only thing worse than not giving your best effort is letting your poor performance get you down. This term has its roots in the corn-hole playing capitol of the world, Ohio. Where, when you leave your beanbag woefully short of its target you “Pickle-dicked it.” You just didn’t put enough on it.   The concept translates perfectly to coming up short in skiing. So, the next time you roll off the lip of a kicker without enough speed to get your tails off the snow before you crash down to earth, don’t sweat it. Just let your buddies know what happened,

Example: “Ah F@%K, I Pickle Dicked it.”

Big thanks to my bros in the know for the providing the vocab.

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