This $15 Sticker Could Save Your Life

This $15 Sticker Could Save Your Life


This $15 Sticker Could Save Your Life


Knowing slope angle is a critical factor in assessing avalanche hazard. The PoleClinometer slope meter is the quickest and easiest way to get accurate “on the go” slope angle measurements. It’s a sticker you put on your ski pole that lets you measure slope angles by line-of-sight. Who knew 0.02 ounces could save your life?

PoleClinometer by SnoWander

This sticker kit turns your ski pole into the world’s lightest and fastest slope meter! Here’s what’s included…

• PoleClinometer Stickers
(three sizes to fit all standard pole shaft diameters)
• Clear Protective Skin for rugged durability
• Alcohol Wipes for surface prep
• Optional DANG-A-LOOP bungee
• Easy-to-Follow Instructions for installation and use

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